Storytelling Through Doors : 50 Examples of Doors in Films

Learn About Storytelling From Examples of Doors in Films

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Story telling Through Doors?!!! Yes in movies every object or prop has been used for a specific reason. Doors are one of the most important dramatic prop you can use to intensify a scene. Doors are barriers. Whatever is important to us we keep them behind the doors for its safety. On the other hand we keep something behind the doors which is dangerous for us. So doors are barriers. It can be used as a great tool of storytelling if used with a purpose.

Video essayist Darren Foley of Must See Films explores in yet another excellent cinematic study about the relationships between characters through doors. He has compiled 50 examples of doors in films. Following is the video essay. Go through it first.


Thats an excellent video essay isn’t it? It shows 50 ways to used  doors to dramatize a situation. The best part is it can be used in any genre be it drama or comedy or thriller or horror,… it works perfectly. Here are some of the major extracts from the video essay.

  • The doors serve as a physical representation of an emotional barrier.
  • Doors are the great way to show the characters and who they decide to keep out.
  • Doors are the great ways to show who has the power in the scene by giving permission to enter your world by choice.
  • Can be great place for conflict as it serves as an edge of two people’s world.
  • Doors don’t only show coming together but also separation.
  • Doors can be used not only to show the strength but also weakness.
  • Close doors are great way of limiting the information from the audience.

Rest you can watch and learn. Oh boy I am learning so many new during the research for writing my posts.

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