Box Office Tragedies:11 Movies That Made Less Than $400

Box Office Disasters

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Hollywood box office report is a normally a 7-8 digit numbers. But there are movies that haven’t crossed four digits or even three digits. Yes there are films that haven’t crossed $40. Here are the top eleven movies that are US box office disasters.

1. ZYZZYX ROAD (2006) : GROSS: $30

This film’s  pronounced ZYE-zix, is the number one on the box office report disasters. It has earned $30. Yes $30. The thriller which stars Tom Sizemore and Katherine Heigl only played in one theater ;the Highland Park Village Theater in Dallas for an entire week! By the time its run had ended, only six people had seen it for a grand total of $30 in ticket sales, making it the lowest-grossing movie of all time.

2. STORAGE 24 (2013) : GROSS: $72

While box office analysts keep pointing to The Lone Ranger as 2013’s biggest bomb, Johannes Roberts writer-director of the British sci-fi movie Storage 24, would have been happy with just a fraction of that big-budget clunker’s ticket sales. The movie wan’t able to crack the $75 mark. But triple digits weren’t in the cards for this film, which like Zyzzyx Road played in one theater for one week and earned $72.

3. DOG EAT DOG (2009) : GROSS: $80

After the success at World Cinema Grand Jury Prize nomination at Sundance Carlos Moreno’s Colombian crime world drama Dog Eat Dog wasn’t even able to reach $100 dollar mark at theatrical release.

4. THE OBJECTIVE (2009) : GROSS: $95

After co-directing The Blair Witch Project Daniel Myrick in March of 2009, IFC Films gave his sci-fi film a limited theatrical release in just one theater in New York for a week, where it earned a grand total of $95. But there’s a little bit of conflicting info here: While sources like Box Office Mojo list this as its only box office take,IMDb’s stats show that it earned slightly north of $2 million when it was released in L.A. one month later.


THE GHASTLY LOVE OF JOHNNY X is a 1950s-inspired sci-fi musical which stars Creed Bratton and have nabbed five awards on the American film festival circuit, but it only managed to earn $117 during the week it spent in a single theater in Kansas City, Kansas in October 2012.


The 1996 Yugoslavian film Pretty Village, Pretty Flame proved that hit films don’t necessarily translate into box office success.. While it received plenty of positive reviews from American movie critics, it only managed to attract $211 worth of business when it received a one-theater/one-week release on January 16, 1998.

7. PLAYBACK (2012) : GROSS: $264

9. TROJAN WAR (1997) : GROSS: $309

10. THE MARSH (2007) : GROSS: $336

11. APARTMENT 143 (2012) : GROSS: $383


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