How Watching Movies Will Help You To Learn Film making

How Watching Movies Will Help You To Learn Film making

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Learn Film making By Watching Movies

When you go to school and learn about science you don’t directly become scientist. Actually what you learn is about people like Einstein, Newton and other people like them who did something extraordinary in their fields. Lets say Newton was sleeping under a apple tree and an apple fell on his head and he figured what the gravity is and we called it Newton’s Law Of Gravity. First you are taught a story in the junior class and then you learn his law at a senior level. If the teachers teach you law of gravity at the junior level you wont understand and would be confused about it for a very long time. Same applies if you want to learn film making.

Film making is a art and craft both. To learn film making first you should understand what exactly it is? If you want to learn film making then you should start watching films from a filmmaker’s perspective. It wont happen in a day but surely can happen in weeks or months. And the most exciting part is, it’s not at all a boring jobs! Its fun! Even today I try to watch a movie everyday, but if thats not possible then I watch my favourite movie scene for sure be it 3 o’clock in the morning.

As I stated in my last article¬† you should have a notebook and pencil ready with you while watching a movie. Take notes of whatever you like in the movie, write notes. When your teacher teaches in the classroom you take notes and when you return home you analyse it. Here movies are you teachers. They will teach you a lot of things. The movies will introduce you to the world of movie world. It will give you the idea how filmmakers think.And the most important is you can be successful by following the footsteps of the successful people (this doesn’t mean copying them).

Following things you will learn by just watching movies.

  • You will understand the different genres of film making.
  • You will find out the best filmmakers around the globe.
  • You will receive tons of concepts which filmmakers around the globe use.
  • You will find what genre of the movie you like the most.( its very important)
  • You will start understanding the basics of film making.
  • You will be more excited to learn film making.
  • You will get realise that there is a individual style of every filmmaker.
  • This will help you to find your individual style.

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