How To Shoot X Men Super Speed Effect

X Men Super Speed Effect

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Recently someone mailed me regarding the X-Men quicksilver effects. X Men has has many VFX. But today lets talk about the Quicksilver’s super speed. Quicksilver moves at a very fast speed. So today lets find out how to shoot X Men super speed effects.

I have shot something like this before but this is much better than technique. Ryan Connolly from film Riot has come up with the best tutorial on X men effect I have come across. First lets watch the tutorial and then we can discuss it further. Watch the following video.

Isn’t that awesome. Here are some things to keep in mind..

  • First always have a wide shot. Once shot is composed don’t touch the camera other than roll and cut. Be very careful that there should be not even slightest change in the camera position.
  • Mark your actors positions on the floor, so that he/she knows where to start and where to stop.
  • Blower gives fantastic super speed effect. Always have a prop in foreground to hid the crew member  with the blower so he cannot be in the frame and only gets the wind effect.
  • Shoot blank frame without any actor for at least a minute or two.
  • Be very careful about the lighting. You don’t want to ruin your shot because of change of lighting.
  • Before actual shooting rehearse the movements of the actors and the crew member with the blower.
  • Use simple NLE software for post production than the composting software like after Effects.
  • Use sound effects to enhance the quality of the effect.

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