Top 10 Steps After You Finish Your Script

Steps After You Finish Your Script


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I received an email from a aspiring screenwriter from USA  who has attended a film school, made some short films and has written a script who wanted it convert into feature film. Now the question he asked me ” What should I do now?” The oblivious answer is get a producer or agent. Really? Is that so much easy to find a producer or agent for your script? I don’t want to misguide you buddy. Hence I am writing this post to answer your question as per my caliber.

Sending hard copies or PDF of your scripts to the producers don’t get yo a chance. They receive hundred and thousands of such scripts to them and they do not have to read  them. So then what should you do? Follow the following steps.


Proofreading is the integral part of the writing process. Do it yourself thoroughly. Once you are satisfied with your proofreading ask your friends to do it again.

2.Ask For Feedback

This is also one of the most important step. Ask feedback from people whom you trust like your family and friends. Ask them to read your script and encourage them to give you honest review. most of the film production houses have people called script readers, send them and ask for the honest review. Be patient and persistent.

3.Rewrite the script base on the review.

Rewrite the script based on the review you receive. this review will help you find the weakness in your script. Try to rectify them. this will lead you to the another fresh draft of your script which will be better than the previous one. I personally like to make more than 10 drafts of my scripts.

4. Register Your Script

This is the most important step. Copyright your final script. This will ensure that nobody steals your script. If sone oe likes your script then he has to buy rights from you and you have to give credit.

5. Hire A Perfect Person To Schedule And Budget

Hire someone who can work on scheduling and budgeting.The best person to do the job is line producer. If you cannot afford a line producer then learn to do it yourself. When you send your script with the schedule and budget to the producer for the consideration there are more chances of getting approved by the producer as you have already completed more than half work of the producer by scheduling and budgeting.

6. Rewrite Script According To The Budget

Once again rewriting? Yes this is also a very important step. Lets say your film has a single shot where your actors are travelling by the train. So hiring a train for a dingle shot, is it really necessary? If not then you can use car or bus i.e cheap options. That’s why rewriting a script according to the budget is very important.

7. Make A Cast List And Try To reach Them

Your casting plays an important role is making your movie. Every actor be it a big or small always looking for the new and exciting parts. Reach them through Facebook or Twitter. At least get in touch with the main characters. If they like your script, they will recommend you to a producer as they will also get a part to play in your movie.

8. Go To Producers

This is the best time to go to the producers with your script.If you get recommended by an actor then you have 25% won the battle. When you produce him your script along with the schedule, budget and casting you have reached the midway of your journey. Now just one thing matters is, whether the producer likes the script or not.

9. Submit It To The Script Development Lab Or Contest

The Sundance Labs, the IFP Emerging Narrative Program, the Film Independent Labs, Tribeca’s All Access Program — there are filmmaker support mechanisms out there that can help you refine your vision, connect with the industry, or both. Same here in India we have  NFDC National Script Lab

10. Rinse And Repeat

If you have done everything above and sill its not working then there is something which isn’t working. Be away from the script for sometime and read it again. If it still feels fresh it has what it takes to become a film. Repeat above steps and find out what isn’t working.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you like it. Please let me know your thoughts in the comment box below and subscribe for the news letter above.

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