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Who can give you honest screenwriting advice other than the professionals associated with it. The Academy Originals YouTube channel is an excellent educational resource from world-renowned filmmakers.  Its an excellent source for filmmaking advice from actors, screenwriters, cinematographers, producers and directors. This specific video is a gem and great source of information about the screenwriting. Please watch the video.


Have you watched the video. So many famous people have great screenwriting advice.

“Audiences are harder to please if you’re just giving them effects, but they’re easy to please if it’s a good story.” – Steven Spielberg

You won’t find this advice in a film school classroom. These screenwriting advice comes from experience,  the efforts they have put in their career and learned on their own. Following are the extracts from the video which is a goldmine of screenwriting advice.

  • Writing screenplays need practice just like any other art.
  • Read the screenplays of your favorite movies, watch the movie with the screenplay in your hand and try to find out how it looks on page.
  • Stop doing multiple screenplays at once and do one at a time and address the problem.
  • Start writing even if its a bad script and make it perfect. But first start writing.
  • Unless you are a big screenwriter write something that’s inexpensive to produce. Low budget screenplay always has more chances of going to the floor.
  • There  is no formula for screenwriting. Like any other art form its rule breaker.
  • Follow your curiosity, stories are found in most unlikely places.
  • Don’t over describe, let the action and dialog do the work.
  • A little physical description about your character should be given unless its very important to the story.
  • Write elaborate stage directions for the executives but once screenplays is with the actors remove the screen directions and let the actors add their bit to it.
  • Find stories that are risky but speaks volumes about who you are as a writer and what you believe in.
  • When the script is magnificent, everything else fall into places. So write great scripts of great stories.

That is just awesome. This most serious screenwriting advice. I hope you like it and implement it in your work.

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