Top 10 Filmmaking YouTube Channels : Learn Filmmaking For Free

Top 10 Filmmaking YouTube Channels

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Who needs film school? Here is the list of Top 10 Filmmaking YouTube Channels where you can learn filmmaking without spending a single penny. These filmmaking YouTube channels have hundreds of hours of tutorials, tips and tricks. These filmmaking YouTube channels contains basic camera movements, camera angles, lighting, 3D, VFX, editing and lot more.. Why spend tons of money on film school when you get same information for free on thee filmmaking YouTube channels.

These filmmaking YouTube channels are not in any particular sequence. So lets get started with out top 10 list of filmmaking YouTube channels.

  • Film Riot

This is one of my favorite YouTube channel which is filled with top class  valuable information. It contains almost everything from camera, lighting, VFX, editing, screenwriting,… For every filmmaker its a must  watch channel. I have even written a post about their following video called Fast And Furious:Top 3 Ways To Shoot A Driving Scene Without Driving A Car.


  • Every Frame a Painting

Every Frame Of Painting is a YouTube channel of Tony Zhou. Its also a most precious treasure of unique information. Though Tony Zhou’s channel does’t have tons of videos but each video is a very unique one. This channel is dedicated more to the art/philosophy of filmmaking than the technical aspects. I have written some articles on  videos from Every Frame Of Painting. Here is a article based on a video called Scene Composition : The Geometry Of A Scene.


  • Indy Mogul

For low-budget filmmakers looking to improve, Indy Mogul has over 1,200 videos full of DIY movie making techniques! One of the best channels on the internet for low budget filmmakers.


  • Dave Dugdale – Learning DSLR

One of the best channels to learn DSLR filmmaking. If you are interested in DSLR flmmaking, this channel is must.


  • FilmmakerIQ

Filmmaker IQ is a filmmaking magazine and online free film school with hours of content from basic to advance. One of the best filmmaking resource.


  • Final Cut King

One of the fantastic learning resource with a free online film school.


  • VFX Bro

In depth Visual Effects Tutorials.


  • Autodesk 3ds Max Learning Channel

As its name describes, it is  filled with informational tutorial videos on the software 3DS max.


  • Avid

Avid Media Composer is the worlds most used media composer and Avid has a fantastic YouTube Channel filled with step by step tutorials. You can also get Avid Media Composer First for free.


  • Video Copilot

Andrew Kramer. No introduction necessary.


I hope you like the post. Please let me know if you know in the comment box below any other filmmaking YouTube channels which are not on the list so that I can check them out. Please signup for the newsletter above.

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