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How To Learn Filmmaking By Reading

How To Learning Filmmaking By Reading?


How To Learn Filmmaking By Reading might sound a stupid idea. But its not. Its one of the strongest step  to towards how to learn filmmaking. First remember this, we don’t think in words, we think in pictures. Lets say if you read a word Heaven, then your mind does not process the word but it processes a picture of a heaven. Each person will definitely have a different picture of heaven. Some will have an image of an island full of green grass and water falls and some others will have an image of expensive villas with swimming pools and all the riches and some others will have an image of great food, the list is never ending. The point to be noted is you will have an image instead of words.

So for filmmaking these visuals are very important which we called visualisations. As a filmmaker you have to visualise and virtually create something which doesn’t exist. For that reading is a great help. There are lots of short stories and novels are available for reading. You can find some short stories here for free. You can even read magazines and newspapers also. This will be great help for the aspiring documentary filmmakers. Now what ever you read just follow your images shown by your mind.

Once you can see clear images of whatever you read, read some movie stories/screenplays which you haven’t seen. You can find some screenplays here for free. While watching the screenplay/story let the mind run all the images in front of your eyes. Once you have finished reading, you have already watched the movie your mind has created for you. Now go and watch the real movie. You will be surprised that your mind has run a different movie for you in images. So if you get the chance to direct the same movie it will be different than the original. Its because the wild horses of your imagination are set to free. But if you watch the movie first and then read the story, you will see the original movie because your mind has already seen the movie.

So pointes to be noted on how to learn filmmaking by reading are

  • Give at least one hour daily to read something
  • Read different type of content like newspapers, magazines, short stories, novels
  • Train your mind to run a movie of what you read.
  • Read stories first and then watch movies.

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