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Barry Levinson Masterclass

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Barry Levinson is a   Academy Award winning film director, actor, screenwriter and producer of film and television. Barry Levinson’s most notable works include acclaimed films such as Academy drama Rain Man,  the comedy-drama Diner, the sports drama The Natural, the war-comedy Good Morning, Vietnam, the crime drama Bugsy, and the political black comedy Wag the Dog .

Following is a masterclass from a person who has 35 years of experience as a film director, actor, screenwriter and producer. Barry Levinson never attended any film school and learned everything on his own, which is the exact purpose of my blog. Barry Levinson didn’t want to work in his father’s appliances store. During his college days he got interested in broadcast journalism which led him to a television station as a floor director and then assistant director,… This is the best example of how you rise in film industry step by step, making lots of mistakes and learning from them. There are no shortcuts. I am getting tons of mails every day asking questions like how to become a director/cinematographer/screenwriter without being somebody’s assistant. That is the reason i decided to write this post on Barry Levinson. watch the following video.

 Here are the some extract of the video masterclass by Barry Levinson which you should always remember.

  • You have to start at some point of time and the best time to start is now.
  • You cannot directly become a hotshot unless your father is a producer. You have to work under someone whose experience will help you to gain your experience.
  • There will be mistakes, lots of mistakes. Those mistakes will help you understand how it works.
  • Watch as much movies as you can. Watch foreign movies.  Watching movies itself is a great learning resource.
  • Think from the character’s point of view before writing dialog which make them less predictable.
  • Some people will like what you do and some people won’t. That is the part of the business.
  • You gotta keep moving forward even if you have limited resources. Barry Levinson shot a full length feature film The Bay on iPhone and got it released.

Watch the full video and learn from Barry Levinson’s experience because…

Live and learn from others mistakes, you cant possibly live long enough to make them all yourself…

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