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Start Writing Today To Learn Filmmaking, Write nowStart Writing Today To Learn Filmmaking


Start Writing Today To Learn Filmmaking is a very important step. Every good filmmaker always write something. If you want to be a ad filmmaker or documentary filmmaker or movie director you must write. Some people think that writing is one of the most difficult task, but its not. Its very easy if you practice writing regularly.

So why writing is important to learn filmmaking? When you write something you have to brainstorm a lot. It gives motivation to your subconscious creative side to come up with something new. Your brain starts searching the material to write. Then you get a story idea. Lets say its a very common love story and you think what’s new with it? There are limited genres in filmmaking but when you write it down on paper it becomes different than others. What makes it different than others? The answer is treatment. When you write it on papers, you are actually writing the treatment you want to give it to the story. When you write it down you actually visualise the situations and you hear dialogs of the character in your head. If you don’t write it down it will vanish in the air like smoke. Following are the benefits of writing  on paper.

  • Writing gives motivation to your mind to brainstorm creative idea.
  • When you write down the idea it becomes permanent so you can read it any time and modify it.
  • Writing gives you a creative work which you can share with others and get reviews.
  • Writing give you practice to write more in a refine way.
  • Writing boosts your creative side and helps you visualise.

The best way to start writing is write something like a short story or an article.  Once you have written it read it once again. you will find some mistakes, refine them. Now thats the first draft of your writing. Give that paper to your friends and family and ask for honest review. Based on whatever review you get modify your stuff. Thats your second draft. I suggest you to have at least 10 drafts to refine your writing.  Now publish that article or story to sites like Ezine Articles and wait and see if you get any comments. Dont expect too much. Its your first article or story.  Hurray you first article has been published. Now try different genres and follow above steps and within weeks you will start writing killer content which will help you to become a good filmmaker.

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