Avid’s Free Pro Tools First Coming Soon (Limited Version)

Avid’s Free Pro Tools First Coming Soon(Limited Version)

Pic : www.avid.com

Pic : www.avid.com

You always wanted to get into the film scoring and mixing, but don’t have the budget to buy the equipments, then there a great news for you. Avid’s powerful audio workstation is coming soon for free… Yes free Pro Tools First will be out of the Avid’s bag pretty soon. As its a free version and has limited features.


The best price anyone can get if FREE, isn’t it? But this free tag comes with limited features. So is this free Pro Tools First worth? The answer is definitely yes.  This free Pro Tools First is designed for the newcomers or laymen who wanted to get into the film scoring and mixing.Pro Tools First is designed for singers, songwriters, and musicians who are new to audio recording, or musicians who have always wanted to try Pro Tools. It is available for free for anyone to download and use. Avid’s Pro Tools First can be downloaded fromHERE when launched.

So what features you won’t get with  Pro Tools First? Well there is a detailed comparison on Avid’s website. Pro Tools First get four tracks instead of standard eight and only supports three projects at a time. It also got 16 MIDI tracks which Pro Tools Express have and you cannot export in mp3 format.

So once again is it worth? And answer once again is YES. You are getting a powerful work station worth $899 for free. Try it, learn it, experiment with it, get familiar with its capabilities. Its like an aircraft simulator. Before flying the actual aircraft you must learn the simulation.

But keep in mind Pro Tools First is not a toy, its a powerful learning resource which you can get without spending a penny.So what are you waiting for? Visit Avid’s website to learn more. If you are a film enthusiast/film student or a music lover then Pro Tools First is on the must have list.

You can read more about Pro Tools First on The Verge.

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