What Is Shot Scene Sequence? How To Learn Filmmaking?

Shot Scene Sequence


Shot Scene Sequence


You must have heard many times that what a shot or what a scene or what a sequence , but do you really know what does they mean. We are not talking here about the definition like most of the film school students will throw  towards you. I want you to be clear with the fundamentals. If you are clear with fundamentals you will never have problem is differentiation shot scene sequence. So what exactly are shot scene sequence? Does they mean the same or almost same? No shot scene sequence are three different terms with different meanings. I have seen people with more than 10 years experience cannot differentiate between shot scene sequence. So lets start first and understand what exactly the shot is?


A shot is  the frame/frames recorded by the camera when it starts recording and stops recording. This is the simplest definition of a shot. When you click a picture from your camera its a shot. When you record video the frames captured between start recording and stop recording is also a shot. A shot can be from one frame to unlimited time till recording stops like static CCTV footage. If a CCTV records footage for nonstop 12 hours then the footage will also be called a shot. Also in editing shot is referred to the frames between two cuts which we will discuss later. Here is an example of a shot( and ironically whoever has uploaded the video has called it scene):)




So I hope we are good with shot. Now scene is a series of shots taken from different angles of an action on a single location and continuous time.  Watch the following example. The two chaps are having food. The location is the room and they are eating. There are different angle shots but the action and time is the same. Watching again if you don’t understand first time.




Ok now lets understand what a sequence is. Sequence is a series of shots or scenes at different locations and at different time. Following video is a best example of sequence. In fact it is called song sequence. Most of the songs are always a sequence.

I hope you must have understood the concept of shot scene sequence by now. Please subscribe for updates.


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