Need Some Motivation? Never Give Up Much Watch Motivational Story

Never, Never, Never Give Up… No Matter What Happens….  Watch This Motivational Story

Need Some Motivation? Never Give Up… If he has done that, then you also can….

Don’t be discouraged if people don’t see your vision, your harvest. All they see from their perspective is that you’re watering a whole lot of dirt. They don’t SEE what seeds you’ve been planting with blood, sweat, tears and lack of sleep. Make sure you don’t abandon or neglect it because “they” don’t see it. You have to KNOW and believe for yourself. They don’t see the roots and what’s budding under the dirt. But it’s okay, because it’s NOT meant for them to see it. While you wait, MASTER it. You continue to do YOUR work and have unwavering faith! Remember why you started planting in the first place. Your harvest WILL come!

Yvonne Pierre, The Day My Soul Cried: A Memoir

Here is the detailed motivational story :

Derek Anthony Redmond was a athlete from Great Britain who won gold medal for 4 × 400 m relay at Tokyo World Championship 1991 and silver medal for 4 × 400 m relay at Rome World Championship as well as gold medals in  4 × 400 m for European Championships 1986 and Commonwealth games 1986 respectively. During 1992 Barcelona Olympics he was running in semi finals and his hamstring snapped. But he decided to finish his race. Above is the video of his race. In 1994 he was told by doctors that he cannot play any sport and represent his country in sports.

The motivational story continues as his father encouraged him and he diverted his attention to another sport he loved, basketball. He practiced a lot and played with many clubs and finally got selected for the Great Britain National Basketball Team.  He played with the team internationally and represented his country in a sport which doctors said he cannot. He took a pictures of playing basketball internationally, signed them and sent to the doctors, who once said that he cannot play.

It only happened because never gave up.

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