Wannabe Screenwriter?Must Watch David S Goyer’s Screenwriters Lecture

David S Goyer’s Screenwriters Lecture At BAFTA

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Let me introduce to David S Goyer if you do not know him yet. David S Goyer is a screenwriter, film director, novelist and also a comic book writer. He is best known for his screenwriting for films like BladeBlade II, Blade: TrinityBatman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises and Man Of Steel.  He is Christopher Nolan’s favorite writers and they have worked together on some blockbuster projects. So how did this guy managed to work on such high profile projects? He must be having some film family background? Well he was a average joe like you and me and yet he managed to reach the top of his success as a writer.

So how exactly David S Goyer did that? Well he has described the journey of his screenwriting career from top to bottom with the pearls of wisdom at the BAFTA Screenwriters Lecture. This is a must watch for every wannabe screenwriter as well as established screenwriter. He has talked in brief about how only good writing skills are not enough for becoming a successful screenwriter, how he called an agent for consecutive 45 days, how he got signed by the same agent for a Jean-Claude Van Damme film when he was student at University of Southern California,… there is so much to learn from David S Goyer. This lecture is like a treasure. Every screenwriter must watch.


David S Goyer had humble beginning like Christopher Nolan which I have posted in another article. David S Goyer is the guy whose first screenplay was sold and produced commercially when he was a 20 year old student. Not just that he has also shared his success secrets in the above lecture. I hope you will learn lots of thing from him. Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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