How To Shoot Teleportation?

How To Shoot Teleportation?

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Teleportation is the theoretical transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. It is a common subject of science fiction literature, film, and television.  There are lots of movies and TV shows that are filled with this effects. But that must be an expensive and high tech stuff to do, isn’t it? Can a small budget Indi short filmmaker use this stuff in his movies? Answer is yes. Lets understand how to shoot teleportation?

It can be done using various techniques. Following is the video created by Ryan Connolly’s Film Riot where the have tried couple techniques to create teleportation.

The very basic technique is real simple and doesn’t need much efforts but its not even that effective. Lets say we need to create that a person is jumping from the roof.  Compose a wide shot in a way that you should see the person on the roof top as well as his landing point on the ground. Roll the camera, ask him to enact the jumping action. Once he completes jumping action, ask him to come down and stand on the landing point and enact landing action. Now cut the camera. Please remember once you roll the camera before jumping action, you should not cut it till your landing action is over. This gives you a safer side that the camera won’t move, even by an inch.

Now just transfer the footage to editing software or composting software. Place the shot, cut during the jump action  and during the landing action. Perform fast cutting and your basic effect is ready.  To make it better add some video as well as audio effect as shown in the above video and you are done.

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