Visualising To Learn Filmmaking On Your Own

Visualising To Learn Filmmaking



Visualising is a very important factor in learning filmmaking. So what exactly is visualising? Visualising means creating an image or images in your imagination. Now you must have started reading and writing, you you haven’t you should start now. As I wrote in earlier articles that whenever you read or write you get visuals in your mind. As an filmmaker you have to nonstop visualise.

Lets  say you liked a short story and you want to write its screenplay or make short film, then you have to visualise the story. The story should run like a movie with every minute details in your mind. You will receive following benefits once you start visualising.

  • Visualising gives you feeling of ecstasy as you don’t have boundaries for your imagination.
  • Visualising will give to confidence to do it your way and will reduce stress.
  • Visualisation will give you focus on your film or screenplay and when you get this, half work is done.
  • Visualising is a mental rehearsal so there are less chances of missteps. Missteps cost a lot of money in filmmaking.
  • Visualising will provide you solutions for your unsolved problems.

You can read some other benefits of visualisation here.  The best way to visualise is to listen music and try to visualise it. You would be surprised to see that a movie will run in front of your eyes. Practice this everyday. Within week you will start getting results of visualising. One of the best thing about visualising is its fun, its good for your ego. It increases your productivity. It gives you clarity in your vision which is very important in filmmaking. When you are a filmmaker money flows along with the ticking clock, so if you have a clarity in your vision you can save a lot of money and time( yours as well as who are working with you.)

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