How To Learn Film Making By Analysing Movies?

How To Learn Film Making By Analyzing Movies?


How To Learn Filmmaking By Analysing Movies?



So  now lets see how to learn film making by analyzing the data you have collected from watching the movies.

I am sure you must have watched some movies and must have taken the notes as we discussed in the last article.  Observation is one of the key factor in how learning film making. There are hundreds and thousands of movies around the world and are great learning resource for filmmakers. Even established filmmakers also watch movies regularly and analyse them. If two filmmakers are having  coffee together then for sure they are discussing movies they have watched and share their analysis.

Lets start with an example. If you have watched Titanic, I am sure all you must have watched the movie. So what appealed you most in the movie? The love story, or beginning of the movie where an old lady narrates the story or the ship sinking. Everybody has his individual taste and would like different parts of the movie. But for learning’s sake lets analyse some rough data.

Some expeditionary are locating and video shooting the sunken Titanic. One survivor 90 year old lady Rose has been brought to the expedition. She narrates the story of sinking Titanic along with her love story. Now the director has used the flash back to start the story to make it more interesting. Why he did that? He could have started the story directly. This is where you get the answer of how to learn film making by watching movies.

The director wanted to give the movie a dramatic twist so that he can play with his creative side. Starting that story would be a bit plain and won’t give the excitement that what will happen next. Along with this he has smartly introduced the character of Rose who is one of the protagonist and was on the ship when it sunk as well as the history of  the Titanic. Its not necessary that everybody knows about what is Titanic. Rose has to tell her story to some one, so the director planted the expedition team so that she can tell her story to them. We can go to further analysis when we have the basic knowledge about film making.

So some major points we can note from the first ten minutes of Titanic are

  • Movie started with a flashback to make it more dramatic.
  • Introduction of the protagonist Rose Dawson.
  • Introduction to the history of Titanic.
  • Rose needs to tell her story so the director planted the expedition team in the movie.

This is just a rough analysis of the movie. I am sure you must have taken lots of notes which I have missed. I would appreciate if you could share it in comment box so that I and other who are looking for how to learn filmmaking would be benefit from that.

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