How Christopher Nolan Shot His No-Budget Film,’Following’ Must Read

How Christopher Nolan Shot His No-Budget Film,’Following’

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Christopher Nolan is your favourite director,isn’t he? After all he has made big budget movies like Batman BeginsThe Dark Knight, The Dark Knight RisesMan of SteelTranscendence and Interstellar. He is shooting some multimillion dollar films next year. So how he started shooting such a big budget movies from the start of his career? Well He hasn’t.

Christopher Nolan did an exclusive interview with VICE and shared his shooting tricks he used in his first no budget film ‘Following.’ I know most of the guys think Memento was first film directed by Christopher Nolan but even before that he started his career with Following which was a real no budget movie. This interview is a real gem for every amature and professional filmmaker, cinematographer, actor and writer.

In this interview Christopher Nolan has shared some very easy and interesting shooting tips and tricks to make a movie with very limited resources and makes this interview a goldmine for amature and professional filmmakers.

Instead of fighting against the limitations of the production, Christopher Nolan allowed them to dictate everything from the film’s structure, to its handheld shooting style, to the 16mm film it was shot on.. Can’t control the look of locations? Shoot black-and-white stock. Can’t afford much lighting equipments then set the scene during the day and place the characters next to windows or in natural sunlight as much as possible. Can’t afford to shoot multiple takes? Rehearse — a lot…. means A LOT. Watch the following video which itself is a great learning experience for both amature and professional filmmakers.

Its very interesting to hear from a top shot filmmaker who makes films with a loads of money actually made a film with virtually no budget. Its a great lesson for amature filmmakers who are always tight in budgets and also for professional filmmakers who can cut down bit of their shooting budget by just implementing the tips and tricks shared by Christopher Nolan.

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