Is It Possible To Learn Filmmaking Online On Your Own?

Is It Possible To Learn Filmmaking Online On Your Own?

Is It Possible To Learn Filmmaking Online On Your Own?


Learn filmmaking online, is it possible? The answer is yes. First of all please understand that filmmaking is art and craft which means it needs creative and technical knowledge both. There are different departments in filmmaking and filmmaker is usually referred to a person who is a film director and screenwriter or both. Other department heads have different designations and generally don’t referred as filmmaker. For example the head of camera department is called DOP (Director Of Photography).

So filmmaker is referred to a person who can write and/or direct. If you want to be a filmmaker then you will get all the technical support from respective department BUT you should know what you want. For that you should have sound knowledge of screenwriting and direction and basic knowledge of other departments. Lets say if you want a specific low angle shot then you should know that what low angle shot means. Tell your DOP that you want a low angle shot and then its his responsibility, how to compose the shot. So its completely possible and logical that you can learn filmmaking online.

Imagine the legendary filmmakers like Akira Kurosawa or Alfred Hitchcock or Satyajit Ray never had access to camera or todays digital technology, yet they managed to become legends. Today you have cell phone with cameras, ipads, digital cameras, computers for editing,… Imagine what can you achieve with today’s technology. You just need to learn the basics of all departments and detail study of screenwriting and direction.So what should you learn online.

  • Learn basics of all departments of filmmaking.
  • Learn terms used everyday.
  • Basic shot composition.
  • Basic editing
  • Detailed study of screenwriting.
  • Detailed study of film direction.

Today there are lots of opportunities for new filmmakers. Once you learned your screenwriting and direction, start shooting with your camera and upload to YouTube, join a production company as an intern for six months and network with the influential people and become a full time employee with access to all that high tech equipments and then actually you will start learning. I studied in film school yet I had to go through all these phases, but I want you to save the money and time you are about to spend on film school, instead learn filmmaking online and start your exciting career as soon as possible.

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