Film School Or No Film School, That Is The Question

Film School

Want to become a doctor, go to medical college, Want to become an engineer go to engineering college Want to become a pilot go to flying school., Want to become a filmmaker go to film school(if you want to spend money). But for filmmaking you don’t need a license like a doctor or a pilot. Filmmaking is an art and there must be art within you. If you have that art within you can save money by not going to film school and learning it on your own. I have top most respect of the education system and I have had attended a prestigious film school myself and with that experience I can say with full confidence that you can learn filmmaking on your own without joining film school.

Is there any film school in the world which can teach you what the filmmakers are doing on the sets of live projects. Answer is no. What they are going to teach you is some basics of filmmaking by charging tons of money. But then if you want to learn the basics of filmmaking, then why not search internet which is full of free information, the same information which you are getting from the film school by paying money. Why waste that money? What is the message of these legendary filmmakers to amature filmmakers?


Film School Or No Film School, That Is The Question


These days there are lots of resources out there on internet. You just need to find them. Ok let me ask you another question. Is there any film school out there which offers you guaranteed job? No they can offer you only internships. Internship is period of some time lets say six months where you work on live projects at professional film companies for no pay or low pay. This is the actual learning period, where you work with real actors, hi tech equipments and learn real filmmaking. There is just a one condition to get an internship that is you must have basic knowledge of filmmaking which you can get by paying huge money to film schools or learning on your own online. Read my previous post How To Grab Internships In Filmmaking? 

If you want to be a filmmaker, start acting now and don’t wait for the next session of a film school. All you need is a camera. Get one or your ipad camera or cell phone camera or the best way is let your eyes act as a camera and you will be amazed by the magic. Don’t read now buddy, just go out there and shoot. 🙂

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