Five Actors Learned Screenwriting And Became Successful

Why Actors Learned Screenwriting Became More Successful

There are many examples in the world where actor got their big chance through screenwriting. Almost every good actor always learn screenwriting and filmmaking so that he can perform better as he knows the art and craft. For an example if we dissect our head vertically through the nose with a virtual line then we have two equal looking sides of our face, but they aren’t equal. One side will always be larger than other. Certain camera angles only make that side more beautiful. And when actor knows his angle then he becomes instant favourite of DOP and director.

Along with that if an actor has learned screenwriting and filmmaking, he is always a great help to the writer and director. The actor can very easily visualise what director and writer wants from him, this makes director’s job bit easy and he instantly becomes directors favourite. Here is a list of five actors learned screenwriting and become more successful.

1) Sylvester Stallone


Everybody knows about his story. He was a small actor who worked in couple of softcore pornographic movies, slept three nights at a bus terminal. He was nothing. One day he wrote a script of a movie, Rocky and sold it to producers on the condition that he will play the lead role and he was instant hit and Stallone got Academy nominations for Best screenplay and Best actor. Rest is history. Top example of actors learned screenwriting

2) Mel GibsonĀ 

Five Actors Who Learned Screenwriting And Became Successful

Best example of  Actors Learned Screenwriting. Mel Gibson once said that he was taught the craft of filmmaking and screenwriting by some directors. He got so much into filmmaking that he made his second movie Braveheart which won two academy awards. He also made Passion Of Christ and got three nominations at Oscars.

3) Woody Allen

Five Actors Who Learned Screenwriting And Became Successful3


Woody Allen is a great writer and director. He started is career as writer but then became comedy actor, He is one of the best examples of an actor  learned screenwriting. He has won three academy awards for best screenplay. He is one of the best examples of actors learned screenwriting.

4) Ben Affleck

Five Actors Who Learned Screenwriting And Became Successful


Ben Affleck is one of my favourite actors who learned screenwriting  and became successful as an actor, screenwriter and director. He has won three Golden Globes, two BAFTA and two Academy awards. His 2012 movie ARGO is a must watch for every filmmaking student.

5) Clint Eastwood

Five Actors Who Learned Screenwriting And Became Successful


He is one of my favourite director. He started as an actor and later learned screenwriting and filmmaking and became a legend.  Clint Eastwood has won five Academy awards and surprisingly not a single one for his acting. His Million Dollar Baby and Letters From Iwo Jima is must watch.

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