Want to Learn Movie Making ? Start Doing These Five Things Today

Wanna Learn movie making ? Start Doing These Five Things Today


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If you are not from movie background and want to learn movie making, you need to start doing these five things today. Movie making is a very exciting industry where  you meet lots of influential people, travel across the globe, visiting exciting places where a common man cannot go, learn different cultures and most exciting earn a ton of money.  It is not at all necessary that you should enroll to a film school. Learning movie making on your own is possible. Its a very big misconception that you need a lot of equipment’s to learn movie making. Try these following five things for at least four weeks and you will start learning the foundation of movie making. Just carry a notebook and a pencil to take some notes.

1) Start Watching MoviesĀ 

This is a first step towards learning the movie making. Watch as much movies as you can. Go to nearby theaters or watch them on any movie channel on TV. Doesn’t matter which movie you are watching, in which language it is just watch it. Laugh, cry, shout out loud, but let the emotions flow. No one can become a filmmaker unless he is emotional. But along with this do not forget to take notes of the movie you are watching. Write down a scene where you laughed or cried or screamed or whatever you liked most. These notes will be very helpful for the next step we are going to follow to learn movie making.

2)Start Analyzing Movies

Ok now you have watched a movie and you have taken the notes also. Now sit in solitude and go through your notes. So the first note is a scene where you laughed. Your mind will run the scene automatically in front of your eyes. Now try to figure out why you laughed? Was the situation funny or the dialogs were funny or the actor was funny…. In most of the cases you will find its the mixture of all these elements. Forget technical aspect for now. Now understand someone has written something which made you laugh, someone visualised it and someone  portrayed it. It never existed and some people created it from nowhere to make you laugh. Try other notes also and start analyzing them also. Hurray, you are one step closer to learn movie making.

3) Start Reading

Start reading whatever you like. This will give you different ideas for the same subject. You will notice that the art is not black and white, there are million shades of grey in it. You can read short stories here. Start taking notes again. Lets say you have read ten funny stories and you will instantly realise that all are from comedy genre but all are funny. Now rate the ten stories in a category of the most funny and the least funny. Now try to analyze the story which is the most funny, what it has and other don’t have.

4) Start Writing

Now we are entering into bit of difficult side of learning movie making. Without writing capabilities you cannot become a good filmmaker and not even learn movie making. Write something… infact anything you like, try not to copy others. Write a short story and give it to your friends and family for review. Do at least 30 revisions of your story. This will make your story refined. Then try another one. This is just for your writing practice. Dont try to be perfectionist at the start. You are learning movie making and you are not an expert so let the mistakes happen, but when you realize rectify them.

5) Try Visualising

Now this is the one quality which artists have and others don’t. They visualise. Try to see the things which doesn’t exist. The easiest way of visualising is plugging your earbuds in you ipod and listen music. With that music try to visualise things. Lets say if its a sad song visualise your breakup or if its a romantic song try to visualise your good times. You will see a movie running in front of your eyes. Practice it.

Try these five things for four to six weeks and you will notice the difference.

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