Quentin Tarantino’s Better Than Film School Philosophy At BAFTA

Quentin Tarantino, A Life in Pictures

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Quentin Tarantino is one of my favorite director.  Though he is known for  non-linear story lines, satirical subject matter, and an anesthetization of violence and movies like Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill Volume 1&2, I love his Inglorious Bastards.

Though Quentin Tarantino never attended any film school he is one of the most invited guest lecturer at all the top film schools. The reason he is invited is not only because he is a filmmaker genius filmmaker but also he never had formal film knowledge and what he earned, earned by himself alone. He did what most of the film aspirants don’t do, he took the first step and made a short film which took him 3 years to complete. Listen to the pure genius.

Quentin Tarantino On Film School

Quentin Tarantino learned everything on his own and he thoughts on film school education

..to this day i actually think, other than the film history aspects of film school… that rather than going to film school get a camera and try to start making a movie…

When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them, ‘NO, I went to films.’

Quentin Tarantino On How To Make A Movie

You don’t have to know how to make a movie. If you truly love cinema with all your heart and with enough passion, you can’t help but make a good movie

 Quentin Tarantino On Director Audience Chemistry

I feel like I am an orchestra conductor and audiences rection is my orchestra… and the sounds you make are my instruments, your feelings are my instruments… and when someone does that to me in movies I have a good time…

As Quentin Tarantino said its time to pick up a camera and start making a movie. Thank you very much for reading this post and I hope you like it.

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