[Must Read] I Dream For Living : Steven Spielberg At Academy of Achievement

Academy of Achievement – Steven Spielberg Speech


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Steven Spielberg Speech is like a ocean of film making wisdom and this speech is not prepared. Steven Spielberg talked what ran through his mind and that’s just awesome. Everybody loves Steven Spielberg films. I haven’t met a single person who doest like his films. He has worked on every genre of film making from comedy, drama, fantasy to Si-Fi.  He has won two Academy , Best Director awards for Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan, nine films he directed were nominated for Oscars.

Following is the speech given by Steven Spielberg at Academy of Achievement and it is a must watch for every aspiring film maker. Listen carefully what he has said in the speech.

I dream for a living and years later I realised that’s exactly what I do for living.

..My audience is my partner.

…When you have a dream, it doesn’t often come out screaming to your face, sometimes dream almost whispers..

…Hardest things to listen is your instincts, your personal intuitions…. always whispers, never shouts … very hard to hear…

Wanna be next ? Start implementing what he has said. Its difficult yet its very easy to dream for a living. Now technology has improved. Steven Spielberg made that train crash film with that super 8 camera, but these days we have camera in our cell phones ipads and what not. Don’t let that camera sit there for selfie only. Start shooting, start shooting something constructive, try different framing and compositions, camera movements, don’t bother about editing at this stage.. just shoot. Take a first step towards dreaming for a living life. Become a dreamer, become a Steven Spielberg. This is the best job in the world. Shoot and upload on youtube. You can also share your youtube links in comment section and I can review them.

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