Mental Health Revolution



It’s time we empower our fellow human beings suffering from mental health diseases.

Not crush and oppress them like we’ve been doing for over a century!

We can help. We can nurture. We can empower.

Most importantly: We can Help Their Healing.

All it takes?

The greatest mental health revolution of our times...

The most powerful feature – length film on the mental health awareness is right before your eyes!

Mental illness can’t be seen with naked eye, sometimes. You can’t eye it up like you can a broken bone or a skin condition. It doesn’t mean that it can’t prove to be much more devastating and detrimental to the individuals suffering from it and their families.

On the contrary – mental health issues have killed more people than cancer and cardiovascular diseases combined!


It’s time to end the Stigma once and for all, and enable people suffering from mental health issues to finally experience happiness and live a decent life again! A life they deserve. A life every human being deserves.


But to do it; we need YOU.


Your help, your kindness and your understanding...


Your support, on all levels, be it financial or emotional, will do wonders for helping us achieve the primary objectives we have envisioned when making this movie:


·   Deeply understanding the stigma related to mental health issues and the importance of understanding and support


·   Understanding the negative impact of stigma on people with mental health problems


·   Exploration of our individualistic and societal approaches to mental health


·   Dispelling myths about mental health


·   Learning more about the specific mental health problems


·   Understanding what it’s like for people suffering from mental health problems


·   Raise awareness


·   Understanding that changing mental health is a normal part of our existence


·   Showing you how to best help those suffering from mental issues


Are you ready to join in on the revolution and become a part of the solution to one of the fastest growing problems the world is facing today?



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