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How To Learn Filmmaking Online Without Film School? Here is the answer.

My name is Bhushan Mahadani and I have created this website to help how to learn filmmaking online on your own. Please checkout  Who’s Bhushan Mahadani page to know more about me. I have met many people in my career who want to learn filmmaking or some specific department like screenwriting, editing, cinematography, film direction, film production,.. but either don’t have time or money or both to learn it.

Filmmaking is the best art. Filmmaking is the combination of all the arts and hence its the greatest art. Everybody has a right to learn it. If you want to learn it go to film school or film college? Really film schools or film colleges are very expensive. Not everyone can afford them. Even though its an expensive art everybody has a right to learn it.

Many people wonder how to learn filmmaking online. They have their day jobs. How come they are going to join the film course. If they join the film course how they are going to raise their family?

That is the reason I have started this website so that any one who loves movies and want to make them can come and can understand how to learn filmmaking online. Making films doesn’t mean making big budget commercial films. Making films mean satisfying your creativity. Its not about movie making business. Its about making movies that tell stories. Making movies does not mean working in film industry, it means creating your own film industry. I encourage you to just learn about films.  When you lean about films you which will be the best movie education. Movie education is not learning but watching the films.

I am helping anybody who are intrested in how to learn filmmaking online. The best learn film program is watching the films and analyzing them.  I will teach what ever I know about the films doesn’t matter whether you are working or a student. Just learn what I am teaching and watch as much movies online. Once you watch movies online the analyze them. Practice on weekend with your cellphone camera or iPad camera and you become a active member of cellphone cinema or iPad cinema. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

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